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Wireless Internet allows you to connect to the Internet at home or on the go using same technology as radio and cell phone. Here you can find Wireless High Speed Internet providers available in your area. Compare plans, price, features and promotion offers of industry best high speed Wireless Internet providers - NetZero, Clear, Cricket, DataJack, AT&T and choose one that fits your budget and need.
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Wireless High Speed Internet Providers

Cable One is your one-stop Cable TV, Internet and Phone service provider. We’re the only one you’ll ever need for Cable TV, High Speed Internet and Phone Service. To help simplify your life, our services come all for one monthly charge, from one company, under one monthly bill. It’s reassuring to know Cable One is a local service provider and we have offices in your area. So if you ever need us, we’re right around the corner or down the road. Our employees are your friends and neighbors. We live and work here, pay local taxes and support other local businesses. Day after day, we take great pride in making your community a better place to live for everyone.

Cable One High Speed Broadband Internet Plans

STREAMING 50 Mbps INTERNET $50.00/mo - 50Mbps speed
- Great for streaming video to multiple devices
-20 e-mail accounts
PREMIER 60 Mbps INTERNET $75.00/mo - 60 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload speed
-20 e-mail accounts
ULTRA 70 Mbps INTERNET $100.00/mo - 70 Mbps download and up to 2 Mbps upload speed
-20 e-mail accounts

Cricket Wireless is the mobile phone carrier that serves over 6 million customers across the U.S. Cricket delivers leading-edge mobile phones, nationwide, high-quality coverage, wireless broadband internet and all the latest features such as mobile web, downloadable games, popular ringtones, wallpapers and more. Cricket Broadband 3G Internet service delivers the web without the need of any cables. Cricket 3G Broadband Wireless Plans give you the freedom to connect to the Internet at high speed on the move with no contracts to sign. Cricket offers three different plans based on your individual usage needs and budget.

Clearwire Corporation is a leading provider of wireless broadband services. Clearwire’s 4G network is currently available in areas of the U.S. where over 100 million people live and the company continues to expand its 4G coverage. Clearwire’s open all-IP network, combined with significant spectrum holdings, provides an unprecedented combination of speed and mobility to deliver home and on-the-go broadband access. The company markets its 4G service through its own brand called CLEAR(R) as well as through its wholesale relationships with Sprint, Comcast and Time Warner Cable. CLEAR is 4G internet you can use to get online at home or on-the-go. CLEAR transmit 4G signals from towers all around your town so you have fast, dependable access to everything you love online - whether you're on your couch, a park bench or virtually anywhere in-between.

Wireless Broadband

For wireless you can have either pure data applications of wireless local area networks (WLANs) or data, voice, and video converged in broadband wireless.

Wireless Local Area Networks

Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) provide the final few meters of internet connectivity between a wired network and the user's mobile device. WLANs are based on the IEEE 802.11 standard. Currently the predominant standard, it is supported by vendors such as Cisco, Lucent, Apple, etc. WLAN configurations can be simple peer-to-peer connections between a set of PCs or they can be complex infrastructure networks that encompass a building.

A typical WLAN infrastructure configuration comprises Access points and Wireless Client Adapter. Access points receive and transmit data between the WLAN and the wired network. The access point connects to LAN via an Ethernet cable. A single access point can have coverage between 20 to 100 meters depending upon the obstacles in the area and can support about 20 users on average. To support wireless connectivity for all users, a building may require multiple access points. The Wireless Client Adapter connects users via access point to the LAN. The wireless adapter can be a PC card in a laptop, an ISA or PCI adapter in a desktop computer, or can be fully integrated within a handheld device.

Broadband Wireless

Unlike WLANs, Broadband Wireless facilitates simultaneous delivery of voice, data and video. Broadband wireless requires clear line of sight between transmitter and receiver. Broadband wireless can be in the form of Local multi-point distribution service (LMDS) or Multi-channel multi-point distribution service (MMDS).

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